From Broke To Blissfully Booked™

A (free) 5 day mini course for kick ass coaches, consultants & service based entrepreneurs

This 5 day challenge is for you if you want to:

★ Make redhot, unapologetic MONEY in your business

★ Create the right kinds of clients (you know, the ones who are happy to pay you for your sharp genius)

★ Awaken your Inner CEO™ and become the successful entrepreneur you were born to be

★ Unleash your FULL genius potential and create in a way unlike you’ve ever done before

★ Learn about the Inside-Out Principles and how they will forever shift how you create in your business & life

★ Confidently sashay onto the world stage, grab the mic and share your unique talents & gifts in a BIGGER way

Hi. I’m Caroline Frenette.

I’m the creator of, the founder of The Six Figure Club, The Adventure Mastermind and author of the upcoming book “Unleash Your Inner Genius, Create A Thriving Business & Extraordinary Life”.

As a certified Transformative Coach® (aka Supercoach), I’ve worked with women entrepreneurs from all over the world.

I’ve seen my clients flourish, grow, transform, make quantum leaps (and make more money), create with ease & joy, but most importantly, leave behind the stress, the anxiety and the fears.

And I want the same for you.

So join me on this 5 day challenge and let’s get you on the path to becoming blissfully booked.

Caroline, XO



“When I first saw an email about the challenge, I thought it only targeted coaches. But then a friend recommended it and I saw that it could help me create a course I am currently working on.

The challenge definitely delivered!

The guided meditations were so incredible. They allowed me to tap into a lot more information than I expected.

And Caroline came across so well — I kept thinking she is in the flow, just like I want to be. She was relaxed in her videos and there was something about the design of the webpages and the way she looked that it all felt SO RIGHT!

Thanks to this challenge I figured out:

– The 6 questions I needed to answer to build my new course

– The key transformation which will sit at the heart of my course

– My surprising ideal customer avatar

Creating my course suddenly seems achievable and it’s time to go public with my intentions!”

Tania Elfersy Award-winning author and publisher




I have almost 9 years of experience in business but I wanted to connect more with my intuition.

My goal in the challenge was to get clarity about a new business consulting programs I wanted to create and after the challenge, I launched it!

The challenge was so much fun, inspirational and I loved the inside-out creation process.

But most of all, thank you Caroline for showing me how to connect with my intuition again.

Ivana Brutenic, PhD.,




“The content was fantastic, smart, efficient, structured and NOT overwhelming.

I liked the mix of videos and audios, the simple but powerful homework, and no pdfs!

Caroline is so natural and down to earth. She doesn’t try to come across as “an expert”, she’s just herself with great wisdom and insights and I appreciate that!

I want to really thank Caroline for this challenge. I had done this kind of work before but had abandoned it and so glad she re-introduced it into my life in such powerful way.

I have no doubt this work will spring a whole new flow creation for me!”

Monicka Clio Sakki




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