Would you fire your boss and get your business off the ground?

Create a business that’s authentically YOU?

Make a shitload of money doing what you love and pay off all your debts?

Start a movement for a cause you’re passionate about?

Dare to put yourself out there in the world in a BIG way?

Discover how to FINALLY make some money with your coaching?

What if 2016 was the year you became… blissfully booked?

No, I’m not talking about “pie in the sky” wishing and hoping, and I’m DEFINITELY not about to give you some “rah,rah” motivational talk.

Instead, I’d like to share a profound discovery with you that has the power to change your life for the better. Forever.

But keep reading, because if you’ve ever had a vision for a business and didn’t know how to bring it into reality…

I can promise you, this discovery holds magic that can change your life.

Because you’re reading this page, one thing I can guess about you is…

When you put your mind to something, you can make it happen.

You’ve probably worked very hard getting your coaching certification, building your business and devoting yourself to others or to your artistic craft.

And when it comes to getting shit done, you know what to do.

Set a goal, work hard, focus and don’t give up.

(Unless, of course, your mind is a jungle of confusion, and you can’t even get started, let alone get any traction in creating real results.)

And even though you’re doing fine and your business is doing okaaaay, thank you very much…secretly, you’d LOVE to get what you really want instead of settling for “fine.”

Maybe you’ve “done the work,” taken the courses and trainings and read the right books—yet the results continue to play hard to get.

One thing’s for sure: you’re not lazy, or foolish, or unrealistic.


It’s time to stop looking outside of yourself for answers and instead… start looking within.

You have unlimited access to the wisest advisor in the whole wide world: your Inner CEO™.

Except there’s just one problem: listening closely to her wisdom is often REALLY HARD.

Because you’ve got so much other noise in the background, taking up your attention span, and drowning out the voice of your most precious ally of all.

Our minds are so jam packed with thoughts, complaints, self-criticisms, fleeting ideas, notions, observations, and more.

This never-ending stream of thoughts never lets up making it almost impossible to receive a download of new creative genius thoughts – you know, the ones that actually SERVE you.

Because when a hard drive is full, you can’t download anymore, right? You have to clean it out, and make space.

And it’s the same way with your mind.

Because your inner wisdom is tapping on the window of your consciousness, ever so softly, and you simply can’t hear it.

Imagine, on the other hand, if your mind was clear and quiet:

You’d be able to access a new GENIUS thought, and you’d actually be able to hear what your Inner CEO™ had to say.

And what it has to say?

Can be a total game changer for you and your biz.


Those who can tap into their inner wisdom will elegantly manifest their most cherished dreams.

She who taps into her inner wisdom will take the lead in creating the life and business she wants—and will never, ever, follow.

She’s the one who never flinches but, rather,walks ever so elegantly alongside her own decisions.

She emits an automatic cool, calm, soothing aura, unapologetically confident in herself.

She dares others, through her lifestyle, to live theirs, too—and live it WELL.

She is successful, happy & wealthy (because it’s an inevitable byproduct).

Most incredibly, she inspires others to follow their inner genius as well, firing up other women to use their own intuition, too, and THRIVE from it.

Analytical thinking alone will always let you down.

When you tap into your Inner CEO™, you learn to say to hell with the analytical, limiting part of your brain and to hell with what you think you know about business building of any sort.

It’s about bypassing all of that and going straight to the nougat: divine intelligence.

Because that’s where all of the good stuff is.

That’s where your thriving business and magnificent life are waiting for you, impatiently.

Success and happiness have nothing to do with luck.

Living a life worth bragging about doesn’t take magic, or luck, or being in the right place at the right time. It just takes the desire to tap into your inner genius and then take inspired action.

It takes the type of woman ready to be successful, rich, happy, sexy—unstoppable.

Maybe you’re sitting there thinking, “Yeah, yeah, Caroline.
I know about this stuff. But it just isn’t working.”

But here’s the deal:

There are many reasons why your manifestations (booking clients, increasing your sales, selling your products, booking the gigs, getting a publishing deal…)
aren’t showing up in your life and business.

Let’s talk about a few…

Reason #1

You’re very good at gaining momentum by aligning your thoughts and taking a few actions, BUT you keep getting distracted by other things (fears, procrastination, lack of commitment, the boyfriend, what other people are doing, Facebook) so you never get any traction.

And when you don’t have traction, your big genius ideas can’t come to fruition. You don’t finish what you start—or you keep starting something new again and again.

Or maybe you’re doubting yourself so much that you keep rewriting your work/services over again, or brainstorming new ideas over and over.

It’s like putting the kettle on to boil water, except you keep taking it off the freakin’ stove: it won’t boil and you won’t be drinking your coffee any time soon, darling.

Reason #2

You’re too busy staring with awe at the sun beams of others, who have gone before you, that you forget to step into your own damn sun beam.

There—I said it.

Yes, there are others who have experienced success.

Yes, you should learn from them.

But hell no—not gonna happen—never, ever, ever do you need to trail along behind in their shadows.

You are not shadow material. You’re sunbeam material.

You’re the next best thing—and it’s time you started treating yourself, and your business like it.

Reason #3

We’ve all got self-sabotaging thoughts, but you haven’t figured out how to make Thought your best friend just yet.

You can read books, chant affirmations, “attract” until you’re blue in the face or you can hope and pray and get down on your knees and plead with the universe, but nothing will truly change until you understand the nature and power of Thought.

In fact, all you need is the simple understanding of how your world (and, in fact, the WHOLE world) is really created.

That understanding alone will shift your entire perspective
and will actually do more for your magical magnetic powers and creative skills
than anything you’ve ever learned before.

And you’ll finally realize that you don’t have to do it the hard way anymore.

Okay, right now I can almost hear you thinking…

“Gimme a break. If that were possible, I would have DONE it already! And anyway, there are loads of obstacles, obviously! That’s why it hasn’t happened yet.”

Maybe you don’t feel supported (What? You say your husband isn’t on your cheerleading squad?)…

Or maybe you feel paralyzed by fears—either of failure, or of choosing the wrong thing (“Is this even a valid dream?”)…

Perhaps you doubt whether you CAN create a successful business–or whether you are even WORTH having what you truly want…

You might feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start.

Or, if you’re like so many of the women who approach me with their big ideas, you simply can’t see the path from here to there.

The idea of pursuing the dream of living your life purpose and creating a money-making biz can dump you into a wilderness of confusion.

Darling, I HEAR you. And I’ll reveal in a moment my solution to these quandaries.

But first, a question…

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve their dreams
and live to their fullest potential…
while others spend their lives
dabbling in mediocrity
(or, worse, give up on their dreams entirely)?

Why is it that some people are like Midas, turning everything they touch into gold, while others seem to turn everything they touch into an utter disaster?

Why do some people create HUGE success without breaking a sweat while others continue to fail even though they’re working their asses off?

Why is it that some amass enormous amounts of WEALTH – while others amass enormous amounts of DEBT (and never seem to get out from under it)?

Is there some kinda secret success club?

Does the universe have a mean streak?

Or is there a “secret” that ANYONE can use to shift from failure to success?

(even if their lives have always been peppered
with disaster, debt, and disappointment?)

These are the questions I spent 20 years pondering, both for my own life, and because I was so curious about what drives us as humans…

And a few years ago, I discovered an answer—the simplicity of which may surprise you.

I’ve discovered that the “secret” to creating what we want
in our life comes down to understanding 3 simple Principles.

And these Principles?

Will change everything for you.

Once I started diving into these Principles, amazing things started happening in my own life and my business.

I’d always been a go-getter who could make stuff happen—but for the first time in my life I began to see that I was capable of… creating miracles.

And it wasn’t just me.

I noticed that others applying these Principles were manifesting dreams that had seemed TOTALLY impossible before—like meeting their soul mate within weeks, creating multiple thousands of dollars for business ventures seemingly out of thin air, and quitting their dreadful 9 to 5 job to move halfway across the world to a place most would call paradise.

And I became excited not only about understanding these Principles at play in my own life, but about sharing them with my clients as well.

So what ARE these mysterious Principles, anyway?

The short version:

1. Thought

2. Consciousness

3. Universal Mind

The longer version…

The Three Principles together form the very foundation of life and human experience.

Pretty huge, right?

And I can almost hear your objections. I mean, how can 3 simple Principles be responsible for, like, LIFE itself?

Here’s the scoop.

We humans tend to make things really complicated and look for ways to turn the easy into the difficult.

(It’s an “evolution” thing: our brains are designed to solve problems. But before we can solve problems, we gotta CREATE problems.)

So rather than seek the simple, we find ways to detract attention from our dreams by getting caught up in our state of mind.

And here’s the key: state of mind affects everything and LITERALLY creates your reality. (Yes, that means your business, too.)

Which means that life
is truly created
from the inside out.

Think about the implications of that for just a sexy second.

If you can create a business from the inside out, then you no longer have to look OUTSIDE yourself for answers.

You alone have the power to create whatever you choose in life.

(No matter what obstacles appear to be in your way.)

Unsupportive partner? No longer an issue.

Lack of confidence? Doesn’t even exist.

Overwhelmed? Not possible.

Now, you’ve probably heard before that “thoughts are things” or that you BECOME what you think about.

You may have heard about the “power of positive thinking”, and you may have tried to discipline yourself to think “good” thoughts so you can see good things happen in your life.

What I’m proposing is MUCH simpler—yet radical.

The Principles are how.

Once you gain an understanding of these Three Principles, becoming blissfully booked and making the money you want in your business won’t look so out of reach anymore.

And this is where the 12-week online program From Broke to Blissfully Booked™ comes in.

During 12 mind-blowing, life-altering weeks, you’ll learn:

✔ How state of mind creates your reality, even if you’re not aware of it–and NO, it’s not about “thinking positive”, repressing your thoughts, or living in denial.

✔ What the Three Principles are and how to use them to “unlock achievements” in the game of life. (Because otherwise? You’re playing the game of life without even knowing the rules. And that sucks.)

✔ How to unleash your inner genius to create bigger leaps in your business and life–while having more fun than you ever thought possible doing it!

✔ How to quickly and easily bypass the limitations of your mind – and start doing things you never dreamed you could do, even in your wildest imagination.

✔ How to create money, opportunities and results in your business & life – by tapping into your divine creative flow. (Yes, there is such a thing, Missy—and YOU are more than capable of accessing it.)

✔ How to craft your services and offerings in fresh new ways that quickly sell themselves…without having to sell yourself

✔ How to intelligently guide client conversations in ways that help clients immediately feel comfortable, at ease, and excited to give you money


The features of the experience include:

● Videos & downloadable mp3s

● Custom designed exercises & homework

Here’s how it works:

Upon registration, you’ll get an email with a secret link and password to access ALL 12 modules packed with videos, mp3s, guided explorations and homework waiting for you to dive in.

Each module is designed to help you get clearer on becoming blissfully booked.

As you playfully navigate through the lessons, you’ll unravel treasures and nuggets of wisdom that will deepen your understanding of the inside out Principles and help you create in a way unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

The Curriculum

The core Broke to Blissfully Booked™ curriculum unfolds over 12 weeks. Click the tabs below to discover exactly what you’ll learn each week.

Your Next 3 Months

  • Introduction to The Three Principles: the keys to unleashing your FULL unlimited potential
  • Choosing your beautiful & bodacious goal for the next 3 months
  • Getting clear on your revenue goals & designing a business that supports your ideal lifestyle
  • Shifting from the constricted outside-in business model to the inside-out way of creating infinite possibilities

The Inner CEO™

  • Awakening the Inner CEO™ & creating a business from the inside, out
  • Developing business intuition for maximum impact, profits & success
  • Intuitive strategies to become blissfully booked
  • Cultivating inner directedness for clarity, productivity & a powerful momentum forward

Your Dreamy Clients

  • An easy technique for (re)discovering your ideal client avatar
  • Clarifying your niche & finding your dreamy clients that are right under your nose
  • Activating your creative flow to connect, communicate & market to your dreamy clients
  • Tapping into the Inner CEO™ to confidently put yourself OUT THERE so you can actually start making real money in your business

Pricing & Proposals

  • The art of pricing your services & packages (and never doubting yourself, your skills or your worth ever again)
  • Crafting irresistible proposals that your clients will love & say “YES!” to
  • Planting the seeds for future success & ongoing abundance

The Art of Creating Clients

  • Turning prospects into raving fans & paying clients
  • Finding the low-hanging fruit to make money NOW
  • Developing relationships that open doors of possibilities & a flow of prosperity
  • The inside-out way of creating a never ending flow of clients (and never struggling to “get” clients ever again)

Rest & Renewal

  • Integration & implementation

Masterful Client Conversations

  • The secret behind conversations that’ll make your clients want more (and wanna buy your services)
  • The art of conversion and handling objections like a Goddess
  • The magic of deep listening & creating a space where miracles happens

Passion, Purpose & Profits

  • Discovering your unique genius that’ll make clients want YOU
  • Standing out in a crowded market place & eliminating the competition for good
  • Igniting your passion, living on purpose & making profits

Confidence, Clarity & Cash

  • Transforming your money mindset: moving out of financial struggle & moving into money bliss
  • Letting go of fears that are blocking your financial growth & awakening your money making Goddess
  • Your Garden of Creations: planting the seeds for immediate & future abundance
  • The art of creating money from the inside-out (or opening the floodgates to the infinite intelligence & abundance of Universal Mind)

The 3 Pillars of Business Development, Success & Growth

  • Setting a solid foundation for your long term success
  • Your short-, mid- and long-term revenue & strategic plan for a sustainable & profitable business
  • Intuitive & practical strategies for business growth

Your WOW Factor

  • Designing irresistible services, offers and packages that sell
  • Creating an outstanding customer experience that WOWS
  • Infusing your WOW factor (and a ‘lil magic) into your work to bedazzle your clients

Creating a Bigger Vision

  • Creating a Bigger Vision for yourself & your business
  • Taking your beautiful work out into the world in a BIGGER way
  • Changing the world, living your dream & inspiring others to do the same
  • Intuitive strategies for long term success & staying blissfully booked

Video: Overview of the BTBB Curriculum

Here’s exactly what you get when you enroll in Broke to Blissfully Booked™:

Self-Study Multimedia Online Program

Each week you’ll dive into the lessons, listen to the mp3s, videos, and guided visualizations – and implement what you’ve learned via specific homework and exercises.

Homework & Exercises

You’ll get specific homework and exercises that were designed to trigger insights and help you take inspired action in creating your thriving biz.

I’m not here to add to your workload or add a million tasks to your already long to-do list. A lot of the “work” will be done when you listen to the mp3s and videos and, most importantly when you join us on the live calls.

Concretely, that means that this program will take less than an hour a week of your time. The length of your homework, however, will depend entirely on the inspired actions your inner wisdom will invite you to take.

Video: Behind The Scenes Tour

What’s in the 12 Modules of Broke to Blissfully Booked:

✓ 12 intro videos (one for each module)

✓ 17 powerful guided visualizations where you’ll gain intuitive insights to help you create money + move forward in your project and/or business. (Each guided visualization lasts between 5 to 20 minutes depending on the exploration or topic and you can download them to your phone so you can listen on the go.)

✓ 26 audio lessons on topics such as: The 3 Pillars of Business Success & Growth, clarifying your niche, figuring out who your ideal clients are (and where to find them), how to market yourself in a way that feels good, creating irresistible offers, and much much more. (The audio lessons vary between 5 to 15 minutes and can also be downloaded so you can listen anytime.)

✓ 5 free-writing meditations to help you tune into your inner wisdom to find the solutions that will move your beautiful business forward

✓ 5 bonus tracks from The Infinite Possibilities Adventure Mastermind designed to help you feel abundant + clear on your next steps

✓ 5 pre-recorded coaching sessions (video + mp3) to help you see how my clients have applied the lessons in their own business (each session last between 20 and 60 minutes and integrates the lessons of the week)

✓ Weekly at-your-own-pace homework to keep you accountable and moving forward

✓ 12 Money Game Explorations where you tap into your intuition to make money in a way that feels authentic and fun!

✓ All mp3s are downloadable so you can listen on the go


This is truly the kind of experience that will change the game for you.

About the Instructor & Creator Of Broke To Blissfully Booked™

Caroline Frenette, Certified Master Intuitive Coach® (one of an elite select around the world) and Certified Transformative Coach® (A.K.A. Supercoach), is the founder of The Intuitive Leadership Academy, The Adventure Mastermind and the lead instructor of Broke to (Blissfully) Booked.

Caroline has spent the past five+ years researching the human intuitive process as it applies specifically to business building & entrepreneurship, immersing herself as a research participant in over 25 well-known business courses and conducting experimentation with her own businesses, as well as those of her clients, and investing over $100,000 to date in her quest to help business owners develop a deep inner security, confidence and strength that will transform the way they do business forever.

Caroline’s research and professional interests have led her to explore various opportunities around the world, her next venture & dream being to develop a non-profit to teach these same principles to women in developing countries how to unleash their inner CEO™ and create a THRIVING business that supports their ideal lifestyle.

The Broke to (Blissfully) Booked course is Caroline’s signature course on using an intuitive framework to do better (and more!) business. Enrolment is available only during select dates and times throughout the year.

For more information about Caroline, her services and programs please visit carolinefrenette.com


What the participants say…

“I got endless insights and inspiration from this program. Every week I seemed to open up more to my inner wisdom. It completely changed my outlook on life and my belief that I can do what has been sitting in my heart for too long. Now I’m confident I can share my experiences and knowledge with the world.

The biggest breakthrough? Believing in myself — finally!!! I just had to open up to that which was in me all along.

I thought I was not expert enough, ready enough, skilled enough to create a course that I had been thinking about for the last few years. BTBB opened me up, melted my limiting beliefs and set me on a new path with perfect timing. Once I started believing in myself, everything fell into place and these days everywhere I go, I meet women who tell me, wow, your course is so needed!

As a result of the program, I’ve created a four week program which I am in the process of launching!”

Tania Elfersy Award-winning author and publisher

The idea on learning to rely on my inner wisdom rather than some guru sold me on the program.

I love how easily the intuitive information came to me with the help of the guided meditations and I was surprised at how effortless I implemented it in my business.

As for the results…

I rebranded my WHOLE biz within 48 hours and had AMAZING results.

I came up with the idea of having a 6 day playshop and it went magnificently.

I connected to my genius and enjoyed how that made me feel, on an artistic and social level as well.

Then I launched my first paid program and I have a plan laid out for the rest of the year, plus I feel open to listening and changing things as I go…

I finally feel like I’m running a real business!

I also gave myself “permission” to fully embrace who I am and to brand myself from a truly authentic place. Everything else in my business (including the results ) flowed from that authenticity.

Thank you Caroline, the program was very creative and beautifully crafted. Each week I couldn’t wait for the next module!

Monicka Clio Sakki, Visibility & Self-Magic Mentor monickacliosakki.com

I have almost 9 years of experience in business but I wanted to connect more with my intuition.

My goal in the challenge was to get clarity about a new business consulting programs I wanted to create and after the challenge, I launched it!

The challenge was so much fun, inspirational and I loved the inside-out creation process.

But most of all, thank you Caroline for showing me how to connect with my intuition again.

Ivana Brutenic, PhD., ivanabrutenic.com

“Caroline over delivered on this program: there are so many meditations and exercises to play with, truly amazing!!

Working with Caroline has helped me to see my “noisy” thinking and not allow it to control me as much. It’s still a work in progress, but before Caroline (B.C….lol) I couldn’t even speak on group calls (let alone show up on camera) and now, I can.

I’m very happy and proud to say that I built and launched my website blissfullyauthentic.com, I was invited to participate in a self-improvement retreat in Mexico and was asked to help co-host these retreats and I finally created my own program/mini-retreat, something I had been thinking about for YEARS.

Thank you Caroline for all that you have done for me, I appreciate you so much!!”

Melissa Vanden Heuvel, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Master Intuitive Coach BlissfullyAuthentic.com


The program was amazing: it totally delivered!

It opened me up to feel what being successful truly is.

I learned how to market myself, how to network better and also how to thrive in my business by continuing to remain centered in my heart space.

My biggest breakthrough was recognizing how much I actually have to offer and how I can continue to become closer to God by creating from within myself.

It was so amazing having the support of like minded women and being able to bounce ideas and stories back and forth from each other.

Kelsea Rai, Intuitive Coach

About Results & Guarantees

PLEASE NOTE: Broke to Blissfully Booked™ is an immersive experience that requires your FULL commitment in order for results to show up in your life.
For that reason, there are NO refunds. Once you’re in, you’re in.

I promise to over-deliver (as I always do with my clients and students), so I need your promise to show up for yourself, receive, and take the time to test out the Principles in your life. If I give you an “out”, then psychologically you’re “half in.”

In addition, I make no guarantee for your particular results as they are dependent upon your own level of commitment and willingness to embrace the internal shifts that need to occur for your external reality to change.

So be sure you’re 100% READY for this experience and I promise to bring 100% of my very best to you.



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